Fat Daddy's Mobile Food Services LLC is headed by Gaylord L. Williams and Les Biglow.  Incorporated on June 2nd, 2015 with each man having a 50% ownership stake. Based off of his success with Fat Daddy's Gourmet Sandwich Shop (Hill District, Pittsburgh, Pa. - from 2011 - 2013,) Gaylord teamed with fellow business partner from Rewind Media LLC, Les Biglow to offer catering and takeout services from a traditional brick and mortar building and a mobile food truck or trailer. The menu would switch from sandwich offerings to barbecue ribs and chicken along with choice sides. Gaylord developed a cooking technique for barbecue while interning briefly at Showcase Barbecue in the Homewood section of Pittsburgh. He and Les would go on to build their brand based off of recipes they both got from their perspective mothers and create Fat Daddy's Pittsburgh Barbecue.


Opening their doors on January 12th, 2019, Fat Daddy's served the good patrons of Mt. Oliver throughout the year building a dedicated following until the company decided to switch gears and dump the overhead and transform into the mobile food operation they had previously envisioned. A failed negotiation for a new lease with the property owner provided Fat Daddy's with the opportunity to pursue and find a mobile food vehicle.

Coming Spring 2020!!